The Best Winter Hats for Women and Men

The Best Winter Hats for Women and Men

January 23, 2023

Top styles and inspiration to keep your head in the game.

Truly great winter headwear checks two important boxes: looking good and keeping your head warm when you’re adventuring outdoors.

We have a collection of functional and stylish winter hats for women and men, and we’ve broken things down into key moments with the best options to match. Find the perfect, timeless styles across a variety of silhouettes, including fedoras, caps, beanies, snapbacks, berets and more.

Heist Beanie - Hunter GreenBig B MP Cap - Dark Forest

Hats for Festive Celebrations and Holiday Events

For work parties or nights out on the town, a hat will always pull together your look.

If you have a less-is-more philosophy and like to keep things understated, go for a timeless fedora or cap in neutral tones. Or if you are feeling bold, bright colors are a great way to make a statement.

While some hats are typically best suited to formal occasions, all rules are meant to be broken. Approached with the right mix, almost anything is possible when it’s worn with confidence. Here are our go-tos for parties where you want to step things up:

Fender Jaguar Fiddler Cap - Texas TeaFender Jaguar Reverb Fedora - Black

Hats for Casual Hangouts

Some of our favorite women’s and men’s hats for casual occasions are elevated by their innovative fabrications and textures, as well as bold colors and prints.

Since a casual hangout with friends is a good time to try something new, it’s worth considering a favorite style in one of our sustainable or otherwise innovative fabrics. Your choices run the gamut from women’s berets in cruelty-free rabbit hair to Parsons caps in six-panel corduroy.

At Brixton, hats are a key element in our daily wardrobes. Casual hangouts, like gatherings at the neighborhood pub or bonfires on the beach, are prime opportunities for headwear to make an appearance. Our obsession with every aspect of design includes expansive color and print options ranging from classic navy and black to jewel tones to desert palm or white tiger. Explore some of these picks for relaxing in style:

Audrey II Beret - Off WhiteHooligan Snap Cap - Light Olive/Brown

Hats for Adventuring and Exploring

Our design philosophy encompasses a deep-dive into history, with a nod to classic silhouettes combined with modern updates that keeps things functional and fresh.

Our approach includes a look at iconic individuals across eras who were well-versed in all the ways to tip their hats. Inspiration comes from icons in film, to groundbreaking artists and musicians to rebels, makers and explorers traveling to uncharted territories.

Consider all the ways a great winter topper can not only keep you warm but also add some flair, from the workshop to walks around town. Whether it’s a trapper hat in faux fur or a tactical design with nylon quilting designed to keep you cozy, all our functional details make it easy to get out and go. Browse our top choices for classic, cool style:

Manitoba Trapper Hat - Off WhiteAlpha Square Merino Wool Beanie - Black

Hats for Concerts and Festivals

Music is top of mind for everyone on the Brixton crew and that comes into play whether we’re talking to artists with a soulful sound artists with a soulful sound or compiling our latest playlist for Wednesday on Wax.

Your choice of hats is as much a form of self expression as your choice in music—and doubly so when you’re headed out to a performance. A live show is a perfect opportunity to wear a hat!

Some of our preferred picks include modern takes on heritage-style fedoras in bold colors. We love the Reno Fedora in moss, henna and modern bronze, snap caps and beanies that make a statement while keeping a low profile and styles from our recent collaboration with Fender celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Jaguar guitar, all designed with extra swagger in mind. Find our favorites:

Fender Jaguar Coutour MP Snapback - Dakota RedReno Fedora - Moss

We think hats go beyond mere accessories—in our view they’re style staples. Every season offers compelling reasons to wear different types of headwear, and women’s and men’s hats for winter occasions are particularly inspiring. You’ve come to the right place for finding your next wear-everywhere headwear. Just getting started in building your hat collection? We’ve got great tips on the best hat shapes to complement the shape of your face, making it easy to find a new hat that looks as good as it feels. Have fun out there this season, looking sharp wearing your favorite hats.

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Parsons LP Cap - Desert PalmAbraham Reversible Bucket Hat - Mojave

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January 23, 2023
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