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Women's Straw Headwear

Paired with stylish sunglasses, a breezy dress, and oh-so-strappy sandals, a straw hat is the cherry on top of your summer outfit. But straw hats aren’t just summer accessories. They’re a four-season staple you can (and should) wear all year round.

Make a statement. Be bold.

Whether you love the bohemian whimsy of a floppy straw hat or the playful allure of a wide-brim fedora, straw hats for women are versatile accessories. You can dress them up or down and pair them with so many outfits.

From packable straw fedoras—perfect for your next vacay—to bucket hats and wide-brim statement pieces, you’ll find a style you love in Brixton’s women’s straw hat collection.

Straw Hats Go Way Back

The humble straw hat has a long history. For thousands of years people in every corner of the world have been fashioning woven hats out of local materials for sun protection.

Today, these wardrobe staples are made from a variety of different materials—from palm fiber to raffia to wheat straw. They come in dozens of different weave patterns, each one delivering a unique tactile experience and aesthetic.

How to Wear a Ladies’ Straw Hat

From wide-brim beach hats to straw cowgirl hats, Brixton’s straw hats for women are a girl’s best friend. Here are some tips to find a hat that looks amazing.

Choose the right color.

If you have pale or light skin, darker colors like chestnut, burgundy, green, and charcoal will contrast beautifully with your skin tone.

People with olive skin tones can pull off a variety of colors, from orange and golden yellow to turquoise, burgundy, magenta, chocolate brown, and creamy whites.

If you have darker skin, the color world is your proverbial oyster, with one caveat: To avoid looking washed out, make sure there’s enough contrast between the hat color and your skin.

Find a flattering shape.

Picking the right hat is like choosing the right eyeglass frames. You want a piece that flatters your face.

Ultimately, though, you should pick a style you love. There’s no one perfect hat shape. Here are some general rules for picking a flattering hat. If your face is:

Round – Go for a hat with a more angular silhouette, like a fedora.

Long – Choose a style with a wide brim, like a straw cowgirl hat or classic sun hat.

Square – Soften angular facial features with a floppy straw hat or other style with a wide brim.

Heart – Wide-brim hats, including fedoras, classic sun hats, and cowboy hats complement heart-shaped faces.

Oval – Virtually every hat shape flatters an oval face, from women’s straw fedora hats to floppy sun hats. Pick your poison!